About Penumbra:RME

What is Penumbra:RME?

Priorities: Multi/Inter-disciplinary approach to building communities, technology development for the performing arts, alternative approaches to dance performance group structures

Penumbra:RME is dedicated to the intersection of dance/movement, history, archives/preservation, and digital humanities. This is accomplished through its three distinct yet interconnected units: Research, Movement and Production. Each unit has its own specific purpose that complements the others in a continuous life cycle.

 The origins of Penumbra:RME began with Eugenia Kim's 2010 master's thesis titled "ChoreoSave: A Prototype for an Online Peer-produced Digital Dance Preservation System" Loosely defined, Choreosave was an attempt to provide choreographers with an online tool for preserving and sharing their choreography while connecting with dancers, choreographers, and other creative types. During this time, Ms. Kim was also actively choreographing new works as well as meeting dancers from all over the world by happen chance. Over time, Ms. Kim not only continued with her digital dance preservation research through Purdue University and the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, she also used her own choreographic process to inform her academic research. Simultaneously, Ms. Kim noticed how interconnected the dancers in her seemingly disparate networks were, particularly when visualized through social media.

The main priorities for 2015-2016 are: