Priorities: Serving overlooked demographics, fostering personal growth

Penumbra:Movement (Penumbra:M) is a chamber dance group featuring up to 6-8 dancers at any given time. It is targeted towards early dance professionals, transitioning/retiring dancers, or older dancers who train and perform at a professional standard but do not pursue a full-time career in dance. Its mission is to create a low-pressure environment with minimal commitment while providing personal attention towards each dancer. Choreography may range from ballet to contemporary to jazz and beyond based on whomever is in the group at the time. All movement is tailored to each dancer's strengths and designed to avoid potential injury. There is an emphasis on subtlety, suspension, "slow" gestures, and gravity with leanings toward musical syncopation and rubato. Of the dancers, 1-2 are designated as resident choreographers. The purpose of this model is two-fold: foster variety of repertoire for the company and free up resources for proper artistic administration of this unit. Recent performances included NACHMO 2014-2016, aMaSSiT Spring 2014, Harvard Square Mayfair 2014, 2014 and 2015 Dance for World Community Festival, June 2015 Company Concert, and 2015 Summer Cosplay Celebration.