2016 NACHMO Boston: The Performance

January 31, 2016 has officially come and gone! That day was quite amazing in that our tech rehearsal and performance took place in two time zones.  While Katie and Wisty were running tech at 5:30pm on January 31, I was Facebooking in at 6:30am on February 1.  We had 5 minutes for tech and while I didn't get to actually watch the show, I kept my fingers crossed that the video would turn out okay.  It would be 4 days before I would get to see my latest work.

The last time I went experimental with video, electronic music and dance was for the 2014 aMaSSiT spring show.  It was an ambitious project but perhaps not quite what I envisioned.  This time, having learned from that experience, I felt like I let go of things more due to necessity and ended up with some pleasant surprises.  For example, we didn't have a video screen this time, so there was a very futuristic texturing of the video and the mirror added some depth and drama to the live dance component.  I also had to fully trust Katie with the choreography after a certain point since there was no way for me to do last minute rehearsals.  Admittedly, I think that having such strong text and music courtesy of Paula and Brian were also real bonuses.

Ultimately the thing I enjoyed most (as always) was watching Katie grow over the course of the month and really taking ownership of the choreography.  When I look back at the initial rehearsal footage and this performance video, the difference in quality is astonishing.  Katie is one of the most daring dancers I work with and is generally strong but over the past 1.5 years she continues to surprise me with how much she can evolve during the course of creating a new piece.  It is this kind of growth that keeps me excited about working with dancers, taking risks, and continuing to choreograph even if the last work wasn't too great.

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