2016 NACHMO Boston: Week 1 Review

Dancer Katie Suyematsu hard at work in the studio

We have just finished Week 1 of rehearsals for our 2016 NACHMO Boston piece, which will be showing on January 31 at the Dance Complex (see full schedule here)  It's a very different experience for us since the choreographer and dancers will never actually be in the same studio together - from start to finish.  The addition of spoken word is another new factor being taken on by Katie, who has so far been quite calm about it! 

Perhaps the hardest part of this experience is the delay in feedback.  Because we are working on this through e-mail, I am unable to give feedback right away and the dancers cannot ask questions on the spot as they rehearse. Eventually there will be a few Skype rehearsals, but in the meantime, we are definitely relying heavily on all the trust relationships built up over the past year.  The dancers generally know my preferences and I generally know their capabilities. So, in a way, it feels like we're just picking up from where we left off rather than starting from scratch.

Week 2 is mainly going to be focused on cleaning up movement before we transition into focusing on how the words match up with the rhythm.  While the dancers are doing their homework, I'll be starting on the video that will be accompanying the live performance.  It will feature the music of Data Driven DJ (Brian Foo) or possibly a derivative using one of his algorithms.  The possibilities are still wide open!