2016 NACHMO Boston: Week 2 Review

The highlight of Week 2 was our first Skype call!  Although it was not conducted during rehearsal time, it was still useful in that it allowed us to sort certain details out in real time.  This week's tasks were a real doozy in that Katie was given some compositional tasks to do while refining her movement quality.  I then took the footage, applied her previous spoken word recording in Premiere Pro, mixed up sections here and there, added a Data-Driven DJ track and then sent it back to her for Week 3.  It's really great to be able to entrust my movement in Katie's hands and then riff off what she sends back.

This week's goals will include putting together the video projection sections as well as incorporating Amane's new recordings into the mix.  There will probably be another Skype call or two, hopefully during a rehearsal time.  The main complication is the 13 hour time difference but hopefully it will all work out!

If you would like to come watch the results of our virtual experiment, please save the date for January 31st, 6:00-6:45pm, at the Dance Complex and stay to watch the Catalysts show afterwards where several other Penumbra:Movement dancers will feature in the works of various other companies!